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About Me

Dominic Rae, Founder of Audiosea

My mission is to make your project achieve its maximum potential, to be the best it can be.

My name is Dominic Rae, and I have been engaged in sound and video since 2015, working on a range of projects around the south of England. As a one-person team, I revel in taking projects from brief and pitch, to pre-production, all the way through to completion, forming the creative core of all manner of projects and ventures.



In 2016, I moved to the vibrant, seaside city of Brighton to begin my studies in sound arts. Once here, I became a crucial figure in the local student music scene, engineering shows, producing records, and planning and promoting events.

I have been working freelance for clients across the south of England while taking time to develop personal projects; playing in several bands and thoroughly enjoying the experience. The environment I've been designing has exposed me to all kinds of sounds and styles, from conventional rock and indie music to classical and orchestral work, right up to the new line with experimental soundscapes and compositions.

Since graduating with a 1st class BA (Hons) in Digital Music and Sound arts, I'm spreading out to connect with contemporaries in the creative field to create high-quality audio and visual productions for individual projects, venues and promoters. I've cut my teeth learning digital recording and production techniques, along with forays into analogue techniques and equipment, and I'm dedicated to ensuring your final project is of the highest quality.

Audiosea is a creative endeavour for both my vision and techniques and your original concepts. I do my best work collaborating with a client, being flexible with your requirements, and bringing energy and innovation to your projects.

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Dominic has worked on several projects for me. He drew and designed the cover for my classical piano album ‘The New Lady Radnor Suite’; it’s quirky, not at all stuffy and his very first design grabbed me immediately. He has taken many publicity photos for me, to help promote my music and my website and he also drew the greyhound character ‘Hero’ for the front cover of my very first novel ‘Hero the Greyhound’.

In 2015, Dominic was invited to record the hugely exciting reunion of the Mid-Glamorgan Youth Orchestra and Choir at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff (I played trumpet in the orchestra).

He spent several days, gathering footage, interviewed world-famous composer, Sir Karl Jenkins and horn player and composer, Terry Johns (Terry played on the Star Wars soundtracks) and the event organisers were thrilled with the final video which is available to watch on YouTube.

When Dominic takes on a project, you couldn’t wish for a more focused, dedicated team member if you need sound, photos or a video, Dominic Rae’s your man!

Fiona Bennett GGSM LTCL (pianist/composer)


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